Murder! A Love Story ❤️❤️❤️


Set photographer's stills

The very talented Melissa Jordan took many stills on set during production. The gallery below features a selection from her work on the film.

From the prop camera

Amy Alexander uses a Nikon D40 throughout the movie, so Ryan handed this camera to Joyce at the beginning of production and told her to just mess around with it. Most of the pictures in this gallery came from that camera, usually shot by Joyce, although sometimes other cast and crew members would pick it up and take a shot.

Teaser trailer

Ryan shot this teaser for the movie one day during pre-production, using a camera borrowed from the lovely Chris & Evie Jones. The teaser starred Ryan’s wife (and the film’s wardrobe supervisor), Sally Elainska.


Before production, when no footage had yet been shot, Ryan designed a poster for the movie. A new one is in the works, but Ryan has adapted the old one into a desktop background (or “wallpaper”, for the Windows crowd). It’s available in PNG format below, in both 4x3 and 16x10 (retina-quality) resolutions.

Preview of wallpaper for download

4x3 Wallpaper
Retina Wallpaper