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July 23, 2011 / Ryan Elainska

It’s 4 a.m. on the morning of Friday, July 22, which means that tomorrow is the first day of production.

Our Kickstarter project was unsuccessful, so we don’t have as extensive a budget as I was hoping. On the other hand, many of the people who pledged funds to the project just went ahead and sent me a check through the mail, which was almost more encouraging.

We also found some other ways to cut corners, so I think the movie is going to cost less than anticipated. Which is good, because… see above.

Let’s see: what else do you need to know at the last minute?

We have a cast. I never updated the cast page (until tonight), but we found some fantastic actors, and I rehearsed them over the past couple weekends, so that I’m feeling really confident about the level of performance we’ll see in the film.

I was planning on doing a behind-the-scenes podcast once every two weeks, starting with the one I posted a few months ago. The fact that the total is still at one should tell you how much I’ve had to do since then. Hopefully when we hit post-production I’ll be able to slow down a little and put up some more posts.

I’m amazed by my crew. They’ve put in tons of work and thought leading up to this week, trying their utmost to make this movie a success. I can’t wait to see them go into action tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see me go into action tomorrow. It probably never entirely comes off, but I’m hoping to at least push the Producer’s hat pretty far back on my head and start focusing on being a director.

Deep Breath.

And in.

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